Instructions: How to respond to a provocation

In submitting your response, you agree that your response can be shared online or in other platforms.

How do I submit a response?

Send your responses to
Document your experimentation with the provocation (see accepted formats below).
Indicate the Provocation # you are responding to in the email subject line.
Include your name and affiliation as you would like it to appear.

Which submission formats do you accept?

.jpg, .gif, .pdf, Word, Google Suite, .mp3, and .wav files.
To sumbit a video, please email your YouTube or Vimeo link.
Can I respond to more than one provocation?
Yes! We encourage you to respond to as many provocations as you like.

Can I respond to a provocation more than once?
Well, you could, but why not expand your horizons and try another one instead?

What should I do with a provocation?

Take it into your world, and use it to intervene somewhere that’s asking for change.

If you need some ideas to get you started, look here.

Is there a deadline for submission?
Responses will be accepted on an ongoing basis.  

If I have questions, who do I contact?
You can email us:

Silvia Pillow Neretti ︎ Visual Communication & Web work ︎