“Designing the Pluriversity” is a community-building activation space of provocations and responses. Every other week, we will share a new provocation created by a group of artists, scholars, activists, and educators. Through your responses, we hope to build a collective dialogue about how to create the pluriversity. We invite everyone to take up the provocations as an experimental assignment!

This project joins a growing chorus of efforts across the globe inspired by the concept of the Pluriverse, a world where many worlds fit. It extends to rethinking the western university as the Pluriversity, inviting other possibilities for knowing and being in the world, where learning is open to epistemic diversity, transcending disciplinary divisions, and creating dialogue among different epistemic traditions to recognize the radical interdependence of all life.  

Submissions will be accepted on an ongoing basis.

The work will be curated into a collection for the “Designing the Pluriversity” website.  All respondents’ names will be added to the Pluriversity Collective.  

Silvia Pillow Neretti ︎ Visual Communication & Web work ︎