Provocation 7: 

Tyson E. Lewis

Provocation 7

1. Choose a professional form of writing (the cover letter, the resume/CV, the
   biographical statement, syllabus, lesson plan, and so forth).

2. Reflect on what value these forms have, what expectations we attach to them,
   and what norms/conventions they operate by.

3. Write something in the chosen form but suspend and render inoperative all
   the typical values, expectations, and norms/conventions that govern the

4. Share what has been produced. 


Dr. Tyson E. Lewis is a humanoid lifeform that inhabits the academic biosphere, feeding off of ideological dross that falls to the bottom of the canopy floor. He spends most of his time manipulating specially modified flagella to produce words and symbols that he then trades with other humanoids in a draconian barter system known as “publish or perish.” You can see a Lewis on display at the University of North Texas where the specimen is exhibited in the newly renovated “classroom” habitat that includes students for him to teach and studious infrastructure for behavioral stimulation and intellectual enrichment.


Hong-An (Ann) Wu 吳鴻安

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