Provocation 11: 

Stephen Loo
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Provocation 11: Meal at the End of the Pluriverse
1. Connect or make contact with four or two but not three people (friends, family, enemies, strangers) and/or nonhuman others (pets, wildlife, insects, plants) you would like to share a ‘meal’ with, after all is said and done.

2. Think of one ‘edible’ ingredient each that resonates with your ‘gender’ ‘age’, ‘culture’ and / or ‘politics.’ You may have to intuit in human language the ‘desires’ of your nonhuman others.

3. Draw or illustrate your ingredient as a paper cutout. Stick it onto your forehead. If you are ‘speaking for’ a nonhuman other, make sure the illustrated paper cutout covers half your face, but no more, no less.

4. Come together in an online meeting at a mutually agreeable mealtime. Which platform you choose is not important.

5. Discuss your ingredient in turn. (10 minutes total)

6. Design a recipe and method of preparation for a simple dish to share using all the ingredients in ‘equal’ parts. Write that recipe down as your group’s the first response to the provocation. Name your dish. (15 minutes)

7. Turn your cameras off, study the recipe carefully. Then blindfold yourselves, and plug your ears.

8. ‘Imagine’ eating the dish: what it tastes like, how it sounds, what does it feel like in your mouth, and most importantly listen to the voices in your head and more importantly from your gut (instinct). If you are imagining for a nonhuman other, do them justice. (10 minutes)

9. Write 20 words which the voices have told you to write. (5 minutes)

10. Come back online and share your words.

11. Compile the words as your group’s second response to the provocation.

12. Feel free to celebrate the meal with liberal amounts of alcohol. Bon appétit.

Stephen Loo is an architect, philosopher and artist. He is Professor of Design UNSW. For more than 25 years, he has researched, taught and practiced in the transdisciplinary nexus of design, philosophy, art, performance and science. He has published widely in architecture and design theory, biophilosophy, posthumanist ethics, ecological humanities and experimental computational and digital thinking. He holds a PhD in architecture and philosophy from the University of Sydney. Recent books include Deleuze and Architecture (ed. with Helene Frichot 2012) and Poetic Biopolitics (ed. with Peg Rawes and Tim Mathhews 2016) and is currently working on Speculative Ethologies (with Dr Undine Sellbach) on the relationship between entomology, psychoanalysis and ethics. Stephen is a founding partner of award-winning design, architecture, interpretation and exhibition practice Mulloway Studio, whose projects have featured in the Venice Biennale in 2008 and 2014. He has a performance-philosophy and expanded painting art practice and has shown in Paris, Berlin, London, Sydney, Hobart and Adelaide, and is part of an international collective, The Food Project. Stephen has held Visiting Professor positions at University College London, RMIT, University of Tasmania and as External Examiner at Goldsmiths College London.
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